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Largest places in Norway

The largest cities and places in Norway at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Norway.

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Largest places in Norway
Lillestrom Lillestrøm1.Akershus Akershus14,000
Ski Ski2.Akershus Akershus12,513
Jessheim Jessheim3.Akershus Akershus12,365
Drobak Drøbak4.Akershus Akershus11,363
Nesoddtangen Nesoddtangen5.Akershus Akershus10,911
Raholt Råholt6.Akershus Akershus8,593
As Ås7.Akershus Akershus7,961
Fetsund Fetsund8.Akershus Akershus6,441
Klofta Kløfta9.Akershus Akershus5,942
Vestby Vestby10.Akershus Akershus5,330
Rotnes Rotnes11.Akershus Akershus4,705
Sorumsand Sørumsand12.Akershus Akershus3,563
Skui Skui13.Akershus Akershus3,487
Lysaker Lysaker14.Akershus Akershus3,439
Arnes Årnes15.Akershus Akershus3,289
Flateby Flateby16.Akershus Akershus3,175
Auli Auli17.Akershus Akershus2,638
Maura Maura18.Akershus Akershus2,400
Billingstad Billingstad19.Akershus Akershus2,349
Bjorkelangen Bjørkelangen20.Akershus Akershus2,346
Aursmoen Aursmoen21.Akershus Akershus2,173
Fagerstrand Fagerstrand22.Akershus Akershus1,990
Blakstad Blakstad23.Akershus Akershus1,898
Aneby Åneby24.Akershus Akershus1,373
Leirsund Leirsund25.Akershus Akershus1,177
Neskollen Neskollen26.Akershus Akershus1,157
Frogner Frogner27.Akershus Akershus1,108
Ask Ask28.Akershus Akershus1,038
Fjellfoten Fjellfoten29.Akershus Akershus1,029
Lorenfallet Lørenfallet30.Akershus Akershus926
Loken Løken31.Akershus Akershus906
Nordkisa Nordkisa32.Akershus Akershus853
Fjellstrand Fjellstrand33.Akershus Akershus832
Tomterasen Tomteråsen34.Akershus Akershus676
Sesvoll Sesvoll35.Akershus Akershus653
Hemnes Hemnes36.Akershus Akershus613
Borgen Børgen37.Akershus Akershus593
Haga Haga38.Akershus Akershus579
Smestad Smestad39.Akershus Akershus578
Lindeberg Lindeberg40.Akershus Akershus571
Fosser Fosser41.Akershus Akershus557
Minnesund Minnesund42.Akershus Akershus488
Vormsund Vormsund43.Akershus Akershus478
Arendal Arendal44.Aust-Agder Aust-Agder30,916
Grimstad Grimstad45.Aust-Agder Aust-Agder9,561
Lillesand Lillesand46.Aust-Agder Aust-Agder6,081
Fevik Fevik47.Aust-Agder Aust-Agder4,989
Risor Risør48.Aust-Agder Aust-Agder4,475
Birkeland Birkeland49.Aust-Agder Aust-Agder2,254
Tvedestrand Tvedestrand50.Aust-Agder Aust-Agder1,975

1 - 50 of 500 places
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